Oderings Garden Centre

Most of us remember shopping at Oderings as young children when our parents held our hand and the garden was an essential part of feeding the family; now days these customers, their children and their children's children have helped grow Oderings into a garden centre dynasty spanning 10 stores Nationwide, and during this time Oderings has been a long term, dedicated customer of Mainland Paints.  So when it was time for the Christchurch stores to undergo renovations naturally Oderings involved Mainland Paints, and we were more than happy to assist.
Oderings Garden Centres are bursting with visually exciting displays of plants, stands of seeds, garden tools and gifts; there is a lot going on and a lot to showcase! The selected wall colour needed to create a complementary backdrop for all above products and also set the scene to enhance the unique colour and vibrancy in their branding. A cool neutral colour was chosen which emphasized the above beautifully.
Open seven days a week the Oderings Garden Centres have a lot of people passing through the doors requiring a tough, durable and washable paint finish for the walls. The paint finish also had to be compatible with the decorative decals of flowers, fruit, bees and butterflies.
At the Cashmere branch a complete Mainland paint system was specified to fulfill all the above requirements. Mainland Wallboard Sealer was applied to new wallboard areas in preparation for painting and Mainland Acrylic Low Sheen was the ideal top coat for both wallboard and brick areas.  The Mainland Acrylic Low sheen achieved an attractive subtle finish on the textured brick wall whilst providing a suitable surface on which the decals could adhere. Easy to maintain and durable the Mainland Acrylic Low Sheen was the ideal solution for walls in a high traffic commercial space.

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