Lyttelton Albion Square

Albion Square is a significant feature within the vibrant Lyttelton community, part of the Lyttelton Master Plan this was one of the first projects to be completed after the devastating earthquake of Feb 2011. The design brief evolved through collaboration between Christchurch City Council, landscape architects and the Lyttelton Community and aimed to create a multi-functional space that reflected the unique character of the port town.

Mainland Paints were approached to provide technical assistance with regard to specifying appropriate coating systems. The design brief required products to be durable, enhance the rustic elements and protect the local materials used.

Mainland Paints specified Protectoil Forestry Black for the surrounding fences. Linseed Oil based this stain penetrates the wooden surface maintaining the fibres, whilst a wax like film cures on the surface creating a tough protection against the harsh marine environment.

20160211 Lyttelton 1 20160211 Lyttelton 2