Anti Graffiti Montreal & Cashel Street

Inner city buildings have always been subject to graffiti attacks, additionally the modern trend for exposed concrete finishes leaves buildings even more vulnerable and effective clean up near impossible.

Mainland Paints was approached to provide anti-graffiti solutions for two newly constructed buildings, both requiring a clear coating to protect the pressed wood grained finish. However the design brief differed for each building, one required a low sheen finish maintaining the natural look of the wood grain, whilst a gloss finish sufficed for the second building.

Mainland Paints were able to specify two products which hit the design brief for both form and function. Mainland Paints Anti-Graffiti Coating provided the required gloss finish whilst Mapei Graffiti Barrier provided a low sheen finish. The clear coat acts as a sacrificial coating, protecting the concrete and allowing graffiti to be easily cleaned whilst allowing the naturally beauty of the concrete to be seen.

Montreal Main

Montreal Side 1 Montreal Side 2