Christchurch Arts Centre - Rutherford's Den

Graffiti is usually something most people want to eradicate, but in the case of Rutherford’s Den, Christchurch Arts Centre, the opposite is true.

Dedicated to Ernest, Lord Rutherford, Nobel Prize winner this 1870’s lecture theatre is steeped in history including the graffiti etched into the desks by former students. Rutherford’s Den is of historical significance to Christchurch, it is here that Rutherford attended lectures and undertook his own research into the high frequency magnetisation of iron.

Great care has been taken to restore the bench seating, original windows and beautiful brick work to their former glory.  Mainland Paints were able to assist with products which enabled sensitive restoration of the original lecture benches. Kiwax Beeswax Paste Neutral was the ideal product for rejuvenating the wooden surfaces whilst providing an attractive satin finish which protected but did not detract from the original surface.

Rutherford’s Den is being developed into an interactive science museum providing an insight into the brilliant mind of Lord Ernest Rutherford.

Lecture 1

Lecture 3 Lecture 2